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Cutting-Edge Brightening Cream Serum

Our different take on kojic is destined to become a fan favorite. While popular and effective for skin brightening, traditional water soluble kojic acid has many drawbacks for the formulator and the product user because it is rather unstable – it is heat, light and air sensitive, has a short shelf-life in products and it tends to interact negatively with mineral sunscreens and ingredients in other products potentially, becoming discolored and reducing effectiveness or causing skin irritation. Our new Brightening Concentrate uses a highly stable, gentle, effective – and different – form of kojic acid called kojic dipalmitate.

Gentle and plays well with others!
In addition to regular use of sunscreen, there are many effective skin brightening options today – from vitamin Cs (like you’ll find in our Advanced CE Concentrate), to natural antioxidants (found across our line but especially in Antioxidants Concentrate) and now even certain brightening peptides (such as what you’ll find in Restore, our nighttime serum and Prep, our exfoliating & brightening mask). All of these options synergize incredibly well with Brightening Concentrate.

Another option for your skin brightening toolbox that easily incorporates into your routine:
  • Use by itself as a lightweight, daytime or nighttime brightening moisturizer. You’ll love how it absorbs and wears on the skin, protecting while moisturizing and improving skin tone and elasticity.

  • Blend a little with other products you use – from our Concentrates series, to serums (such as Defend or Restore).

  • Transform a face mask into a supercharged brightening treatment – just apply Brightening Concentrate and massage in before layering on your favorite face mask.

  • Not only for your face, neck and chest – make Brightening Concentrate your go-to product for the back of your hands, knees and elbows to keep skin looking and feeling great!

How does Brightening Concentrate feel on the skin?
In a word, divine! An unscented, lightweight cream, you’ll enjoy the silky texture, comfortable rub-in feel and how it leaves skin softer to the touch.