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advanced CE antioxidants brightening concentrate hydrate B
The Concentrates series began as a way to rev-up other products you already use and love. As it happens, each actives-focused formula excels by itself, blended with others in the series and still with many other products.

NEW Brightening Concentrate features highly stable kojic dipalmitate and is extremely gentle. Use as your primary brightener or layered with others.

Hydrate B Concentrate comforts, draws moisture into skin and infuses a trio of toning, brightening B vitamins. Apply with other products or after any oil.

Advanced CE Concentrate is a potent vitamin C trio in a lightweight cream that’s incredibly gentle but effective. Use it alone or blended with products.

Antioxidants Concentrate is our lightweight cream to supercharge skin with a powerful dose of top tier antioxidants. Try it blended with lotions, oils and
other products. It’s also a perfect option for the neck, chest and hands.
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Advanced CE Concentrate
advanced CE concentrate

Gentle Vitamin C & E Packed Cream Serum

Extremely gentle & silky, this updated light cream and potent treatment boasts a 12% premium vitamin C trio in synergy with skin toning & calming actives. A total joy to use for all skin types and can be your stand-alone daily moisturizer or layered with favorite products to rev up your benefits for a complexion to love.

Brightening Concentrate
brightening concentrate - LOW STOCK

Cutting-Edge Brightening Cream Serum

Our different take on kojic is destined to become a fan favorite. While popular and effective for skin brightening, traditional water soluble kojic acid has many drawbacks for the formulator and the product user because it is rather unstable – it is heat, light and air sensitive, has a short shelf-life in products and it tends to interact negatively with mineral sunscreens and ingredients in other products potentially, becoming discolored and reducing effectiveness or causing skin irritation. Our new Brightening Concentrate uses a highly stable, gentle, effective – and different – form of kojic acid called kojic dipalmitate.

antioxidants concentrate
antioxidants concentrate

Synergistic Antioxidant Cream Serum

Antioxidants Concentrate is a powerful anti-aging lightweight serum that is extremely versatile; you can use it on its own or blended with your favorite skincare creams, masks and serums. It's great to add to lotions for your neck, chest, hands, elbows and knees. Consider combining it with fresh items at home for effective and unique do-it-yourself skincare treatments.

*while supplies last

hydrate B concentrate
hydrate B concentrate

Firming & Remodeling, Moisture Gel Serum

Improving hydration can enhance your skin care routine by getting the most from moisturizers and other products you use. Hydrate B Concentrate attracts and draws moisture deeper into the skin, helping active ingredients better penetrate, stay effective longer, and perform better for skin that feels supple and smooth. This moisture-binding, clear gel includes three forms of B vitamins which work to help rejuvenate the skin, speed healing, and improve tone and texture.