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We’re excited to be adding more face mask options as our line evolves! Our Green Matcha & Manuka Honey face mask is the first product in our latest Infusion Series. This was tested by many of you last fall and we received great feedback – we’re excited to finally be rolling it out.

The latest entry to our Infusion Series is
Rooibos Matcha & EGCG face mask. Calming and restorative, it works to reduce redness and irritation, improve skin elasticity and much more.

Prep is our rock star in a jar. If you aren’t using it now or haven’t tried it before this is a must-have. It refines the skin, brightens the complexion and prepares the skin so that other products work much better.

The secret menu item of masks that we hope you’ll explore and learn more about – our latherless Luxury Shave Cream series – is soothing and filled with more beneficial actives than most other masks dream of offering.

For the best experience possible, and for each of our masks, we suggest you start with clean, damp skin. Apply a thin layer, massage in and allow to remain on as long as desired. For best results we suggest only using our
masks at night so as to avoid sun sensitivity.
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prep exfoliating face mask - SOLD OUT
prep exfoliating face mask - SOLD OUT

Brightening, Perfecting Exfoliation Face Mask

Prep is sold out and we're currently working on a new formula to be launched soon!
Prep is a creamy microdermabrasion treatment that infuses skin with botanicals that brighten and soothe, vitamins and antioxidants that heal and protect, and peptides that smooth existing wrinkles and help prevent new ones. It works great as a quick treatment to kick-off your nightly routine or sits well on the face as a mask to allow your skin time to fully absorb all of its beneficial ingredients.
green matcha & manuka infusion face mask
green matcha & manuka infusion face mask
Save: $10.00

Ultra-Rich, Rejuvenating Luxury Face Mask

Fans test drove and fell in love with this velvety creation. First in our Infusion Mask Series, this moisture-rich, non-clay mask will comfort, nourish and treat your skin beautifully. Green Matcha & Manuka face mask stays wet on the face so that the actives work continuously while you are treating yourself. It also layers brilliantly with many other products in our line to create truly sublime experience.

rooibos matcha & EGCG infusion face mask
rooibos matcha & EGCG infusion face mask
Save: $10.00

Restorative and Calming, Antioxidant Face Mask

We're pleased about our latest addition to our Infusion Face Mask series: Rooibos Matcha & EGCG - focused on rejuvenation and restoration of your skin. It's particularly relaxing after a day in the sun or a long day at work. The smell of roasted rooibos tea combined with the potent antioxidant from green tea, called EGCG, come together to soothe nerves and restore the appearance of restfulness.