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boronia flower private reserve

earthy, haylike & dry floral that’s rich, warm and finishes with notes of toasted honey & tea.
Limited Edition
coffee blossom private reserve

spicy, sensual, a dark floral with intensely rich notes of roasted jasmine & hints of sweetness.
Limited Edition
dark blue yarrow private reserve - Special Edition

a distinctive and rare yarrow sourced from the UK. intensely blue, smelling fresh & herbaceous with a spicy finish. less sweet than other blue yarrows.
family type: earthy/spicy
gardenia private reserve

quite beautiful green, sweet & tea-like notes
family type: floral
grounding blend private reserve

NEW Blend: cedarwood, vetiver, lemongrass, carrot seed, royal Hawaiian sandalwood
begins fresh, lemon-like. during rub in, opens up revealing mellow wood & root notes

Individually Signed, Limited Edition
helichrysum, Corsica-sourced - LOW STOCK!

smooth, divine & less sweet Corsica helichrysum that's renowned for healing
family type: medicinal to pungent
Holiday Collection No. 5

Three Individually Signed NEW Blend Oils + FREE Rose Private Reserve
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invigorating blend private reserve

NEW Blend: palo santo, eucalyptus, patchouli & lavender
uplifting to the mind, cleansing & reminiscent of sunset at a Sedona spa

Individually Signed, Limited Edition
lily private reserve - Limited Edition - VERY LOW STOCK!

beautiful floral | intensely sensual, aromatic, sweet, genuine & relaxing
magnolia bouquet private reserve - Limited Edition

sophisticated blend centered around the magnolia flower
family type: floral & blends