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advCE_fs   advanced CE concentrate
antiox_fs   antioxidants concentrate
balance_fs   balance
PRbergamot_fs   bergamot private reserve
luxshaveB1   blend no. 1 luxury shave cream
luxshaveB10   blend no. 10 luxury shave cream
luxshaveB11   blend no. 11 luxury shave cream
luxshaveB12   blend no. 12 luxury shave cream - LOW STOCK!
luxshaveB13   blend no. 13 luxury shave cream - LOW STOCK!
PRblendno13_fs   blend no. 13 private reserve
luxshaveB2   blend no. 2 luxury shave cream - LOW STOCK!
luxshaveB3   blend no. 3 luxury shave cream
luxshaveB4   blend no. 4 luxury shave cream
luxshaveB5   blend no. 5 luxury shave cream - LOW STOCK!
luxshaveB6   blend no. 6 luxury shave cream
luxshaveB7   blend no. 7 luxury shave cream
luxshaveB8   blend no. 8 luxury shave cream
luxshaveB9   blend no. 9 luxury shave cream
PRbluechamo_fs   blue chamomile private reserve
PRbluecypress_fs   blue cypress private reserve
boost_fs   boost
BoroniaPR   boronia flower private reserve - LOW STOCK!
brt_conc   brightening concentrate
PRcalendula_fs   calendula private reserve - LOW STOCK!
PRcardamom_fs   cardamom private reserve - LOW STOCK!
PRcarrotseed_fs   carrot seed private reserve
PRclarysage_fs   clary sage private reserve
PRcoffee_fs   coffee blossom private reserve - LOW STOCK!
PRcomfort_fs   comfort blend private reserve
control_fs   control
correct_fs2   correct eye cream
PRdkblueyrw_fs   dark blue yarrow private reserve - Special Edition
defend_fs   defend daytime treatment serum
define_fs-NF   define
PRenergy_fs   energy blend private reserve - out of stock
PReucalyppmint_fs   eucalyptus "peppermint" dives private reserve
PReucalypradi_fs   eucalyptus radiata private reserve - LOW STOCK!
luxshaveET   eucalyptus trio luxury shave cream
luxshaveEvT   evergreen trio luxury shave cream
PRfirbalsam_fs   fir balsam private reserve - LOW STOCK!
PRgardenia_fs   gardenia private reserve - LOW STOCK!
PRgeranium_fs   geranium private reserve - LOW STOCK!
GreenMatchaManuka   green matcha & manuka infusion face mask
PRhelichrysum_fs   helichrysum private reserve - LOW STOCK!
PRhelichrysCor_fs   helichrysum, Corsica-sourced - LOW STOCK!
hydrate-B_fs   hydrate B concentrate -- back in stock!
PRjasmine_fs   jasmine private reserve - LOW STOCK!
PRjuniperberry_fs   juniper berry private reserve
Kit1Summer   KIT 1: End of Summer Limited Time Sale $135
Kit2Summer   KIT 2: End of Summer Limited Time Sale $95
Kit3Summer   KIT 3: End of Summer Limited Time Sale $75
PRlavender_fs   lavender private reserve
luxshaveLT   lavender trio luxury shave cream
PRlemoniron_fs   lemon ironbark private reserve - LOW STOCK!
PRlemongrass_fs   lemongrass private reserve - LOW STOCK!
PRmagnol_fs   magnolia bouquet private reserve - Limited Edition
PRmelissa_fs   melissa/lemon balm private reserve - LOW STOCK!
PRneroli_fs   neroli private reserve - LOW STOCK!
nourish_fs   nourish eye cream
PRosman_fs   osmanthus private reserve - Limited Edition
luxshavePSN   palo santo luxury shave cream - LOW STOCK!
PRpalosanto_fs   palo santo private reserve - LOW STOCK!
luxshavePSD   parsley seed luxury shave cream
luxshaveP   patchouli luxury shave cream
PRpatchouli_fs   patchouli private reserve - LOW STOCK!
PRpetitgrainbig_fs   petitgrain bigarade private reserve
prep_fs   prep exfoliating face mask
quench-0001   quench lip treatment - bulgarian rose otto
quench-0002   quench lip treatment - clementine mint (original)
quench-0003   quench lip treatment - royal hawaiian sandalwood
quench-0004   quench lip treatment - unscented
refresh_fs   refresh eye cream - OUT OF STOCK until 8/28
Serum-001   rescue face serum
newrestore   restore nighttime treatment serum
PRromancham_fs   roman chamomile private reserve - LOW STOCK!
RedMatchaEGCG   rooibos matcha & EGCG infusion face mask
PRroseotto_fs   rose otto private reserve
PRrosemary_fs   rosemary private reserve - LOW STOCK!
PRsandal_fs   sandalwood private reserve
PRslumber_fs   slumber blend private reserve - LOW STOCK!
collection1   Summer Skin Collection
luxshaveTT   tangerine trio luxury shave cream - Back in Stock!
PRteatree_fs   tea tree private reserve - sold out
luxshaveUN   unscented luxury shave cream
PRunscented_fs   unscented private reserve
uplift   uplift toner mist
PRvanilla_fs   vanilla private reserve - LOW STOCK!
PRvetiver_fs   vetiver private reserve - LOW STOCK!
luxshaveVL   violet leaf luxury shave cream
PRylwman_fs   yellow mandarin private reserve
PRylang_fs   ylang ylang private reserve

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