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Calms Redness : Subdues Shine : Encourages Clear Skin
Soothes red, irritated skin while encouraging a breakout-free complexion and calmer nerves.

Calm Down. Quite Literally.
Our new paraben-free Balance features a cutting edge, redness fighting peptide and potent collection of skin calming actives.

This richer, creamier formula is centered around one thing – helping you combat redness and irritation often caused by other treatments such as lasers, brushes or sonic devices and aggressive types of masks, peels and serums.

The original calming & natural aroma of Balance is still here – a blend of lavender, cedarwood and niaouli that settles nerves any time and further curbs irritation. Balance also continues to be a superb breakout-buster, helps normalize oil production and keep pores clear.

If you hate shaving – take note – Balance is your best grooming hero. Perfect for nurturing stubble and is a savior for unparalleled post-shave comfort.