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Anti-aging Daily Moisturizer

Boost helps your face stay healthy-looking and fresh. It soothes, reduces redness and balances skin. Boost is lightweight and lets skin breathe while discouraging breakouts and excess oiliness. You'll find Boost to be your daily mainstay to tighten, tone, refresh and protect your skin.

Clarifies Skin

Anyone with dry or irritated skin, decreased elasticity or tendency for oiliness and breakouts benefits from Boost.

Boost may be used on its own or layered on top of other products, such as brighteners or serums for added benefit and skin clarity.

Tightens & Tones
Antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals along with caffeine help tighten, tone, refresh and protect the face. Boost immediately soothes, reduces redness and balances skin. As it dries, the face becomes more toned and stays supple to the touch.

Discourages Blemishes
Boost allows your skin to breathe and draws moisture from the air throughout the day, helping skin stay hydrated and toned while discouraging blemishes and excessive oiliness. In addition to niacin and B5 which encourage healthier-looking skin, Boost uses a water soluble, natural wax that seals in moisture yet easily washes off so it doesn't clog pores.