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defend daytime treatment serum - LOW STOCK

defend daytime treatment serum - LOW STOCK

daytime face, neck & hands treatment serum


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Ultimate Daytime Face, Neck & Hand Serum

Concentrated with photoprotective peptides and great antioxidants, encouraging brighter skin & better tone, Defend is the perfect addition to your daytime skin care routine. Defend's active ingredients protect from damage that accumulates daily, helps maintain skin's integrity and balances combination or oily skin. The results with daily use, ideally paired with your favorite mineral sunscreen, include firmer and more toned skin, reduced dark spots and a more resilient appearance.

Featured active ingredients include:
Preventhelia® tripeptide-33:
antioxidant and photoprotective effect

olive squalane:
antioxidant, skin brightening, improves suppleness, balances oil production and synergizes with other actives

protects skin's integrity and encourages rejuvenating repair, photoprotective

inhibits enzymes that degrade the quality of skin, protects to minimize photodamage, reduces inflammation

vitamin E succinate:
antoxidant and helps to smooth, tone and resurface skin without any irritation

glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) extract:
provides antioxidant protection, skin brightening and helps to reduce inflammation

emoxypine succinate:
powerful antioxidant that protects from damage

(turmeric root extract):
isolated antioxidant from turmeric (is colorless) that protects and brightens skin

spin trap:
highly advanced antioxidant that protects skin and reduces damage and inflammation