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Lip-area Anti-aging Cream

Define soothes lips and addresses unique lip area needs such as wrinkles, suppleness, brightness and fullness. In our latest reformulation, we made Define paraben free, aroma free, and removed any ingredients that could impart residual color. It focus on brightening, smoothing and countouring with six advanced peptides, Hilurlip™, Matrixyl® synthe’6™, Preventhelia®, Syn®-Hycan, TEGO® Pep 4-Even and Syn®-Tacks. Additionally, Define now also includes Preventhelia®, the UV protective star peptide included in Defend Daytime Serum.

  • Tack-free formula better suited for the entire lip area extending to nasolabial (marionette) lines and corners of the mouth
  • Now delivers superior and extended moisturization. -Vastly improved, silky feel that massages in wonderfully
  • Lighter weight texture that feels better and dispenses easier
  • Better brightening and smoothing with power combination of actives including olive squalane, Tego Pep 4-Even, a high-end and stable vitamin C and glycyrrhetinic acid from licorice root
  • May be used any time with a light application or overnight as a lip area mask with a heavier application
Define is for anyone interested in improving the look and feel of the lip area and who wants to incorporate brightening, anti-aging lip care into their skincare routine. You'll notice more defined, fuller, youthful-looking lips with Define. Who can resist that?

Brightens & Contours
For many of us, age and stress show first on our lips in the form of darker lips and loss of contour or definition of the lip line. This leads to a thinner-looking smile, and for women, vertical lipstick bleed lines.

Improves Lip Fullness
The botanicals and peptides in Define also work to improve overall lip fullness without resorting to short-lived methods that make lips look inflated or exaggerated. With Define, brighter lips, reduced wrinkles, increased moisture and collagen levels all lead to great, natural-looking lips!