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blend no. 1 luxury shave cream

luxury shave cream

luxury shave cream - blend no. 1
luxury shave cream & post-shave balm blend


Description Ingredients & Size Use & Directions
more for your skin than just a great shave : ultra glide & non-lathering : loaded with actives
blend no. 1 : sandalwood + orange blossom + vetiver

You're going to love our wearable shave creams formulated with substantial active ingredients and the highest quality essential oils that help your skin look better and your shave experience be truly enjoyable and amazing!

Be sure to try it as a pre-shave treatment and post-shave balm as well.

More for your skin than just a great shave
Our shave creams are formulated with mostly active ingredients and substantial quantities of the highest quality essential oils – taking them a step further than just shaving products and into the realm of excellent skin care.

Because of this, we encourage you to NOT rinse following your shave, just towel off. We also think you'll enjoy using our shave as a post-shave treatment balm – it really excels there, too!

Ultra-glide and non-lathering
This shave cream is not designed to lather.
Our intent for these products is versatility in that they can be used before, during or after your shave and remain on your skin to deliver continued skin-improving benefits.

Our creams help improve skin and over time give you better and better shaves. By taking lather out of the equation, our luxury shave creams are able to focus on many important aspects leading to a smoother shave and better skin: glide & slip, incorporation of LOTS of active ingredients that treat and benefit your skin, and improvement of the look, texture and appearance of your skin.

Loaded with actives
We approached the creation of our shave creams in a way that ensures you get quick, fantastic results from the great amount of active ingredients included in the formulas. Because of that, we suggest when using our shave cream to towel off at the end of your shave as opposed to rinsing. We believe you'll also enjoy using our cream as a post-shave balm. This enhances the shaving experience and you'll notice cumulative benefits.

We encourage you to use a separate exfoliating product (such as our Prep) before you shave, although shaving itself is a form of exfoliation. Because of that, it's the perfect opportunity to make use of beneficial ingredients. We chose these ingredients for our shave cream smartly, selecting ones that absorb quickly and work well in the formulas we've created.

Ingredients and natural preservatives
Keeping the formulas for our luxury shave creams completely natural, safe and gentle was important, so we've created a multitasking approach that keeps your product fresh and highly effective. We include a series of ingredients in our shave creams that on their own all provide amazing skin benefits and also multitask as natural preservatives.

We only use preservatives that are natural, gentle and each on their own contribute additional skin care benefits.

Please see our Shave Cream FAQs & Tips PDF on DropBox for lots more excellent and helpful information about our luxury shave creams including the benefits of the ingredients we chose that make our cream more for your skin than just a great shave.