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comfort blend private reserve

comfort blend private reserve

private reserve full size - comfort blend
family type: blend


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invokes warmth and sense of peace & harmony
Private Reserve, our Antioxidant Treatment Oil, is simple elegance formulated with powerful antioxidants infused into nourishing oils. This simple yet wonderful formula including spin trap, lipochroman-6 and a specialized form of vitamin E along with a blend of oilsincluding vanilla, nutmeg, yuzu, and rosewoodimproves all over suppleness, tone and elasticity of skin. Use it on your face as well as other areas of your body like hands, elbows, cuticles, neck and chest. It's great for pre and post shaving as well. Private Reserve can also be used to add lustre, shine and separation to hair and to treat the scalp.

Cold weather shipping note
Private Reserve naturally thickens during cold weather shipping. Please allow the product to fully return to room temperature before use.