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dark blue yarrow private reserve - Special Edition

dark blue yarrow private reserve - Special Edition

private reserve full size - dark blue yarrow special edition
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family type: earthy/spicy


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distinctive and rare yarrow sourced from the UK. intensely blue, smelling fresh & herbaceous with a spicy finish. less sweet than other blue yarrows.
Special Edition
Private Reserve, our Antioxidant Infused Oil, is simple elegance formulated with three powerful antioxidants into nourishing meadowfoam seed oil. This simple yet wonderful formula includes spin trap, lipochroman-6 and a specialized form of vitamin E along with dark blue yarrow essential oil.

Blue Yarrow essential oil is an incredible material for use in skin care and wound healing but like most other naturally blue essential oils, the aroma tends to be a little on the overpoweringly sweet side. We were ecstatic when this UK dark blue yarrow oil became available because of the aroma, color richness and so much more. Harder to come by than other blue yarrows and also more costly, it's loaded with beautiful blue azulene which is part of the oil's charm and beneficial claim to fame.

The UK-sourced blue yarrow essential oil in this Private Reserve has a more subdued and balanced aroma compared to other yarrows. This allowed us to include almost four times more yarrow in this Special Edition formula. Fresh and unique, it is less sweet smelling but wonderfully clean and herbaceous. The rich aroma stands well on its own but also blends beautifully with your other Private Reserve Oils including anything citrusy, woodsy or minty.

We think you'll love this Private Reserve because it's a perfect stress buster, potent anti-inflammatory, skin calmer and is especially well-suited for skin scalp and beard conditioning. It's also a perfect oil for more comfortable shaving and is a hero in the fight against razor burn, breakouts and redness.

Private Reserve improves all over suppleness, tone and elasticity of skin. Use it on your face as well as other areas of your body like hands, elbows, cuticles, neck and chest. It's great for pre and post shaving as well. Private Reserve can also be used to add lustre, shine and separation to hair and to treat the scalp.

Designed for direct skin use with a gentle, non-overpowering aroma
Unlike pure essential oils and absolutes which are often too concentrated to be used directly on skin, Private Reserve is a balanced oil infusion. It's ready for its intended use without any dilution necessary.

Cold weather shipping and storage
Private Reserve naturally thickens during cold weather shipping. Please allow the product to fully return to room temperature before use. Please store Private Reserve away from heat and in a dry place.