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poplar bud private reserve - Limited Stock

poplar bud private reserve - Limited Stock

private reserve full size - poplar bud
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family type: sweet


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dry, sweet, yet somewhat bright floral-like notes

Clearance SALE: 80% OFF while supply lasts.
We're narrowing focus within the Private Reserve series. This and a few other options will be discontinued or become seasonal items.

Private Reserve, our Antioxidant Infused Oil, is simple elegance formulated with three powerful antioxidants into nourishing meadowfoam seed oil. This simple yet wonderful formula includ
es spin trap, lipochroman-6 and a specialized form of vitamin E along with poplar bud absolute.

Private Reserve improves all over suppleness, tone and elasticity of skin. Use it on your face as well as other areas of your body like hands, elbows, cuticles, neck and chest. It's great for pre and post shaving as well. Private Reserve can also be used to add lustre, shine and separation to hair and to treat the scalp.

Designed for direct skin use with a gentle, non-overpowering aroma
Unlike pure essential oils and absolutes which are often too concentrated to be used directly on skin, Private Reserve is a balanced oil infusion. It's ready for its intended use without any dilution necessary.

Cold weather shipping and storage
Private Reserve naturally thickens during cold weather shipping. Please allow the product to fully return to room temperature before use. Please store Private Reserve away from heat and in a dry place.