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slumber blend private reserve

slumber blend private reserve

private reserve full size - slumber blend
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featuring Bulgarian zdravetz, a rare oil that's great for your sin, blended with superior quality ylang ylang, clary sage, lavender and marjoram. sleep beautifully.
slumber blend : bulgarian zdravetz + ylang ylang + clary sage + lavender + marjoram

Private Reserve, our Antioxidant Treatment Oil, is simple elegance formulated with powerful antioxidants infused into nourishing oils. This simple yet wonderful formula including spin trap, lipochroman-6 and a specialized form of vitamin E along with a blend of oils and absolute—including zdravetz true geranium, ylang ylang, clary sage, and marjoram essential oils and lavender seville absoluteimproves all over suppleness, tone and elasticity of skin. Use it on your face as well as other areas of your body like hands, elbows, cuticles, neck and chest. It's great for pre and post shaving as well. Private Reserve can also be used to add lustre, shine and separation to hair and to treat the scalp.

With Restore's reformulation to become a rightening and toning night serum for the face, neck and hands. we wanted to create a companion Private Reserve blend that would promote relaxation and a restful sleep along with enhanced skin benefits. Take a look at some of the unique properties and reasons for what went into the new Slumber Blend Private Reserve:

Bulgarian Zdravetz
We’ve always known geranium to be popular for the skin and useful in blends, but have never really been fans of the aroma. Quite often it has seemed to be overpowering and over used in skin care. Enter zdravetz, a beautiful oil for your skin with an interesting and unique story, aroma and beneficial properties.

Zdravetz, from Bulgaria, is considered a “true geranium,” and a completely different species than all other geraniums. Barely used in products because of limited availability and higher cost. It has phytochemical properties that make it a star ingredient in skin care. Our zdravetz contains more than 76% germacrone, a phytochemical with a proven track record in protecting and benefiting skin and that has been studied for its anti-viral and anti-tumor effects. It is also reported to be helpful in brightening skin and addressing hyperpigmentation over time.

The aroma: on it’s own zdravetz is more subdued and with notes which are not at all overpowering. It seems well suited to blend with other essential oils. Zdravetz smells clean like a sleepy and foggy fall morning after an evening of rain. Even though we use it in high proportions in this new Private Reserve Oil, it forms a perfect partnership with the other oils and contributes beautifully to the uniqueness of this blend.

Comoros Ylang Ylang Superior Extra
Most quality ylang ylang is sourced from Madagascar and has been popular for ages to calm nerves and quiet the mind. It’s also very nourishing and soothing to skin. Ylang ylang oil is produced using a grading system based on the duration of the distillation process before the oil is harvested. Generally the longer the distillation process, the less potent the oil and the more muddied the aroma becomes (though the aroma at each stage certainly has a place, purpose and value). The “extra” grade is considered the most costly and “cleanest floral” option because it is gathered from the distillation process at 1.5 hours. We have obtained a special and rare Comoros distillation of ylang ylang called “superior extra,” which is produced within the first 45 minutes of distillation and results in the most delicate and clean-smelling ylang ylang ever encountered. In our Slumber Blend this was a perfect option and really helps the blend lull and comfort you.

Bulgarian Clary Sage
The clary sage in our slumber blend is also from Bulgaria and contributes tea-like notes that quiet thoughts and calm irritated skin. This is a beautiful oil that helps balance and round out the blend’s floral notes.

Spanish Lavender Seville Absolute
Not all lavenders are the same and there is an entire range of notes and benefits to be found among the many lavender options we have to work with. Lavender Seville, from Spain, is a different species than what is commonly used. This lavender contributes very little true floral notes but instead imparts a warm, rich and almost spicy tone. It provides the perfect base note to balance with the shining top notes of our ylang ylang and marjoram.

Egyptian Marjoram
Marjoram is a bright and clean-smelling oil that is known well among aromatherapists to help reduce anxiety, clear the mind and induce a peaceful sleep and is a great oil for the skin.

Cold weather shipping note
Private Reserve naturally thickens during cold weather shipping. Please allow the product to fully return to room temperature before use.