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Heal : Refresh : Protect
Temporarily Out of Stock
Renew the soft and supple feel of your lips. Quench is a smooth, velvety lip treatment that keeps your lips naturally full, bright and youthful-looking. Quench seals in moisture and prevents future damage from stress and environmental factors. Treat your lips not only to an instant great feel but also to continued improvement and protection.

Do away with the look of lips that are winter-worn or aged-looking. Vitamin E, meadowfoam and blueberry seed oils help bring back lip's suppleness so you're ready for your next kiss!

Keep your lips naturally full, bright and youthful-looking with collagen boosting, skin brightening vitamin C (the most beneficial and gentlest form of vitamin C we've found). Peppermint and clementine oils wake up your lips and add an invigorating tingle.

Our powerful blend of free radical fighting antioxidants prevent damage from stress and environmental factors while pharmaceutical-grade beeswax seals in moisture and further protects your lips.