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refresh eye cream

refresh full size (NEW formula)


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Lightweight, creamy eye serum that targets the look of tired, puffy eyes.
Refresh Eye Serum for fatigued, puffy eyes

Refresh Eye Cream is a concentrated, lightweight, creamy serum specifically formulated to help combat puffiness, undereye bags and the look of fatigue. Dispense a very small amount and fully massage into the entire eye area, including the lids. Refresh may be used in conjunction with other eye creams or may be used by itself.

Provides lasting benefits you’ll see over time and is not just a quick fix.
How it works: the new Refresh is formulated with actives that provide some instant toning of the eye area you will feel immediately after the application. The real stars are the peptides that work over time to tone the eye area and naturally discourage puffiness and dark circles.