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rescue face serum

Our line is full of a variety of gel and cream serums, however, we have wanted to add a product like this to our line for a long time. Rescue Face Serum is packed with actives designed to quickly improve skin tone, restore skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of dark spots and lines, and much more. It is also designed to augment the rest of your brightening skincare routine by enable active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, improving overall results of your entire skin care regimen.

green matcha & manuka infusion face mask

Fans test drove and fell in love with this velvety creation. First in our Infusion Mask Series, this moisture-rich, non-clay mask will comfort, nourish and treat your skin beautifully. Green Matcha & Manuka face mask stays wet on the face so that the actives work continuously while you are treating yourself. It also layers brilliantly with many other products in our line to create truly sublime experience.
rooibos matcha & EGCG infusion face mask

We're pleased about our latest addition to our Infusion Face Mask series: Rooibos Matcha & EGCG - focused on rejuvenation and restoration of your skin. It's particularly relaxing after a day in the sun or a long day at work. The smell of roasted rooibos tea combined with potent antioxidant from green tea, called EGCG, come together to soothe nerves and restore the appearance of restfulness.
nourish eye cream

Nourish eye cream makes a grand return as an ultra-lightweight and budget conscious formula designed to be a protective daytime product that will tone the skin. Featuring some of the same great actives as Defend and Brightening Concentrate, the reformulated Nourish is aroma-free and gentle for every age and skin type.
Brightening Concentrate
brightening concentrate

Our different take on kojic is destined to become a fan favorite. While popular and effective for skin brightening, traditional water soluble kojic acid has many drawbacks for the formulator and the product user because it is rather unstable – it is heat, light and air sensitive, has a short shelf-life in products and it tends to interact negatively with mineral sunscreens and ingredients in other products potentially, becoming discolored and reducing effectiveness or causing skin irritation. Our new Brightening Concentrate uses a highly stable, gentle, effective – and different – form of kojic acid called kojic dipalmitate.
quench lip treatment - unscented

Heal : Refresh : Protect
quench lip treatment - royal hawaiian sandalwood

Heal : Refresh : Protect
quench lip treatment - bulgarian rose otto

Heal : Refresh : Protect