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Silkier, lighter texture & improved dispensing!
Invigorating does-it-all eye cream that targets all signs of aging & fatigue.

Last March we made textural updates to Correct Eye Cream and Antioxidants Concentrate so they both now have a lighter, silkier feel. We also improved the ease in which these products dispense!

Our end-all-be-all eye cream keeps getting better to help you fight signs of aging, sagging skin and the look of fatigue around the eyes. Correct includes peptides that improve hydration and tone, combat sagging skin, and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. With six advanced skin brighteners, Correct reduces dark circles and in time brightens the entire eye area.

Invigorating & Protective Eye Cream
Perhaps a better name for Correct would have been, "ZING!" because of the energizing and recharging experience you get from caffeine, vitamins, and a bounty of top antioxidants. Part of a highly advanced series of peptides included in Correct are Sepilift DPHP, Relistase
, Matrixyl 3000, Syn®-Tacks, Syn®-Hycan, and Tego® Pep 4-17. These make for your ultimate option today in eye area skin care.

Targets Lines & Puffiness
We were serious about fighting eye area wrinkles when we created Correct. A concentrated cocktail of the latest age-fighting peptides are here to serve and help to smooth the skin, plump up existing wrinkles and curtail new ones from appearing. With addition of the peptides Uplevity
and Matrixyl® synthe’6 along with the award-winning puffy-eye-fighting peptide Eyeseryl®, Correct takes a leap forward in its ability to help you look your best.

Reduces Dark Circles
Correct’s power combination of six brighteners targets dark circles and signs of fatigue from every angle. Most causes of dark circles are addressed from hyperpigmentation to other forms of natural discoloration that leave you looking worn out or not so well rested. Together, these brighteners – alpha arbutin, licorice root extract, the powerful isolated antioxidant from turmeric (tetrahydrodiferyloylmethane), trans resveratrol, quercetin and the peptide Haloxy
l® – all work in concert together unlike any other eye area brightener combination available. Delicate eye area tissue is strengthened, dark iron deposits are flushed from the skin, and excess pigmentation is put on notice resulting for cumulative improvements to eye area brightness that make you look more rested and alert.