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rooibos matcha & EGCG infusion face mask

rooibos matcha & EGCG infusion face mask

Rooibus Matcha & EGCG face mask


Description Ingredients & Size Use & Directions

Restorative and Calming, Antioxidant Face Mask

We're pleased about our latest addition to our Infusion Face Mask series: Rooibos Matcha & EGCG - focused on rejuvenation and restoration of your skin. It's particularly relaxing after a day in the sun or a long day at work. The smell of roasted rooibos tea combined with the potent antioxidant from green tea, called EGCG, come together to soothe nerves and restore the appearance of restfulness.

Is this face & neck mask for you?

Our Rooibos Matcha & EGCG Face Mask is well-suited for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

In what areas does this mask excel?

• Overall face and neck

In what skin care routines is our Rooibos face mask found?

• Maintenance
• Pampering, luxury treatments, and relaxation focused regimens
• Evening routines

What skin care goals or concerns does Rooibos Face Mask primarily address?

• Sagging skin, skin elasticity, tone or suppleness
• Redness or irritation
• Dry or cracked skin and skin that lacks moisture
• Smoothness, softness
• Fine lines
• Dull skin
• Crepey skin

Suggestions for when to use this face mask and how to get the best results:

We particularly enjoy applying our Rooibos Matcha & EGCG face mask as part of our evening or bedtime routine. Layer your mask on top of an application of a favorite product from our line -- from a Private Reserve Oil, to Boost, Control, Restore or Rescue Face Serum. The extra moisture from the mask will help the products you layer on first sink in for dynamic benefits.