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rescue face serum

rescue face serum

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Rescue Face Serum: Our Most Potent Product Yet

Our line is full of a variety of gel and cream serums, however, we have wanted to add a product like this to our line for a long time. Rescue Face Serum is packed with actives designed to quickly improve skin tone, restore skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of dark spots, lines and much more. It is also designed to augment the rest of your brightening skincare routine by enabling active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, improving overall results of your entire skin care regimen.

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Is this skin care product for you?

Rescue Face Serum is well-suited for all skin types, except those with highly sensitive skin, and is a great option for young to mature skin.

In what areas does this face serum excel?

• Overall face and neck
• Neck and/or chest
• Back of hands

In what skin care routines is Rescue face serum found?

• Preventative or anti-aging
• Brightening
• Advanced or with existing damage
• Advanced with aggressive emphasis on correction and prevention
• On-the-go, frequent traveler, office or gym
• Morning routines

What skin care goals or concerns does Rescue face serum primarily address?

• Sagging skin, skin elasticity, tone or suppleness
• Large pores
• Complexion brightening and reduction of hyperpigmentation/dark spots
• Sun damaged skin including hyperpigmentation/dark spots and lines
• Fine lines
• Deep wrinkles
• Scarring
• Prevention, protection and avoidance of new damage
• Dull skin
• Crepey skin

Suggestions for when to use this face serum and how to get the best results:

Rescue Face Serum is an intense brightening and toning serum that quickly absorbs, infusing skin with highly potent actives. We created Rescue for your daytime routine, intending it to be paired with your morning regimen, however, it can be used in the evenings as well. Rescue pairs exceptionally well with our Brightening Concentrate, Defend, or Control.

Three Great Ways to Get Results:

Fast Track It (primary method of use)
The ultimate, potent 12-day treatment.
How To: Use a full dropper per application and feel the actives going to work!
Tread lightly with your first use and pay special attention to instructions guiding you to apply only on dry skin. Doing so ensures the comfortable and effective treatment we have in mind for you.

Spa Time (alternative use)
Supercharge your next face mask experience.
How To: Apply a few drops or up to a full dropper dose of the serum to dry skin. Wait a few moments and then layer on a great face mask.
Tip: Pair with one of our wet masks (as opposed to a traditional clay mask) for the ideal experience and infusion treatment.

Take It Easy (for sensitive skin or extended use)
Sensitive skin or budget minded? Follow this plan!
How To: Instead of a full dropper application, layer a few drops of the serum with your regular, daily skin care products.
Doing this provides a gentler experience and extends use of your serum up to six weeks.
Alternatively, target areas as a single drop treatment.